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  • The Background: Up In The Air

    From the bright lights of Las Vegas to the majestic beauty of the Grand Canyon, Maverick Helicopters has become synonymous with breathtaking in-air experiences. What started over 20 years ago with a single helicopter has since grown into Las Vegas’ premier helicopter-tour brand—with a fleet of over 47, state-of-the-art helicopters.

    The Goal: Elevated Marketing with Grounded Results

    Maverick Helicopters offers both international and domestic clients an experience that is as unique and elevated as the views its tours deliver. Given that they operate in some of the worlds most popular travel destinations, they face considerable promotional challenges. Traditional in-market media channels are often saturated with competitive messaging. Las Vegas was no exception. When presented with the playAWARDS opportunity, the team recognized it as a fresh, cost-effective approach to engaging with their target audience.

    The Result: Flying High Above the Competition

    Maverick decided to join the playAWARDS portfolio—securing its spot next to industry-leading travel and leisure brands. Immediately, a dedicated playAWARDS account team began working with them to optimize their offerings and develop new branded content to appear within the family of PLAYSTUDIOS apps.

    To date, Maverick has seen heightened engagement and, above all, increased awareness amongst their target audience. Potential clients who were not previously aware of their helicopter tours are now turning to Maverick for incredible aerial experiences, above Las Vegas and beyond.