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    As a well-respected company in the travel and leisure industry, you’re always looking for clever ways to cut through the promotional noise, connect with your target customers, and inspire them to engage with your brand. Lucky for you, the playAWARDS platform was built with those exact goals in mind.

    Entertain, Don’t Advertise

    playAWARDS allows you to incorporate your offers into beautifully designed casual games as an integral part of a player’s overall entertainment experience. As a result, a large number of extremely receptive consumers are exposed to your products and services—frequently and over an extended period of time—ensuring that your brand is always top-of-mind.


    You Get What You Play For

    Our nearly five million unique users begin unlocking their in-app awards during their first play sessions. When your promotions are among these coveted loyalty benefits, they are not seen as special offers or discounted giveaways that ultimately erode brand value. They are seen as something earned, which enhances their worth.